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    Tracee Ellis Ross Spills The Tea On Easy Selfie Curls

    The curly hair crush reveals her secret.

    Tracee Ellis Ross is awesome for a number of reasons.

    For starters, she's the offspring of The Supremes' head diva, Diana Ross.

    fkyahdianaross / Via

    See: Here she is, straight chillin' in the blessed womb of our glam icon.

    She also made this unforgettable cameo in Kanye's "Touch the Sky" video.

    northgang / Via

    "What you want? A Barbie? What about alllll of this?"

    And she's absolutely hilarious, too!

    Most recently, though, Ross decided to share her secret for selfie-worthy hair with curly girls worldwide.

    Tracee's first bit of advice is to keep the products minimal. She sticks to Amla Legend Silkening Oil Mist, spraying it throughout the hair while it's wet.

    SoftSheen Carson / Via

    "It gives them a little sheen and a little bit of definition, but there's still a lot of movement," Tracee says. She also says that it helps to moisturize and rejuvenate your hair.

    For selfie curls, "it's all about the front," so fluffing those curls that frame your face is an important, "very technical technique."

    SoftSheen Carson / Via

    Then, use a curling iron with a barrel width close to the size of your natural curl pattern and enhance any stray curls "that don't want to play like team players."

    SoftSheen Carson / Via

    Don't keep the curling iron on your stray curls for too long. You're not actually styling the hair, only giving it a little touch-up. / Via

    Listen to your curls, Tracee advises. Most naturalistas have multiple curl patterns, so don't lump together curls that don't ordinarily hang together.

    Repeat this until all wandering curls in the front are well blended. / Via

    Don't worry about taming the back. Tracee says a little frizz is good for volume.

    And that's it! "You've got flavor, you've got life, you've got all of it!"

    Watch Tracee's #EasySelfieCurls video from start to finish here.

    View this video on YouTube

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