This Toy Company Is Promoting Gender Equality By Making Girl Superheroes

    Take that, sexism!

    The toy company GoldieBlox, Inc. just launched a new badass doll and her name is Rails, Ruby Rails!

    In a promo video, Rails and her partner GoldieBlox prove that women can save the world just like men, as they reenact Hollywood's most famous male-led action movies.

    The company blog calls out the film industry's lack of cultural and gender diversity, saying that "girls deserve to see themselves onscreen as well as calling the shots behind the scenes."

    Rails and Goldie take on Star Trek...


    And Indiana Jones.

    Fans can get both Ruby Rails and GoldieBlox, along with some other really cool toys, here.

    Watch Ruby Rails and GoldieBlox kick some major bootay in the full "Girls Action Figure" video!

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