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This Super Hot Dad Is Making The World A Better Place, One Makeover At A Time


This is Anthony Cuts. He's a dad and ridiculously talented makeup artist and hairstylist.

Cuts posts these super exhilarating 30-second beauty transformation videos on Instagram, and we literally can't stop watching.

Mind. Friggin'. BLOWN!

Like, look at him cut this woman's hair!

Get a closer look at the body that is in this bob, tho.

Watch him so effortlessly slay this makeup 😱!!

And of course he custom-colored the hair, too.


Get into the color he did for his son's mother. 🙌

How much does it cost to sit in his chair...and never get up?

For there is no price too great for such a perfect frontal and sew-in.

You are KING, Mr. Cuts 👑.