This Super Fast Trick To Getting Faux Locs Just Changed Every Lazy Human's Life

    Cause ain't nobody got time for that.

    Faux locs are perfect for people who want locs but aren't able to get the style, or simply don't want the longterm commitment and upkeep.

    Seriously, they're ridiculously stunning, and they're great as a transitioning or protective style.

    The only thing is that they take so doggone looooong!

    Usually, faux locs first require two-stranding your real hair in neat, even sections all over. For additional length, you have to incorporate each twist into a box braid, adding in braiding hair to each section and using your twist as the third strand. And then, finally, you tightly wrap braiding or Marley hair around each braid, all the way down, and burn the ends so they don't unravel.

    That's a lot of work!

    But then an angel by the name of Toni Daley appeared on YouTube and discovered a much quicker and easier way to get your loc on—and twisting and box braiding are NOT involved 🙌!!!

    Daley starts by cornrowing her hair straight back, and then she crochets Marley hair into the cornrows.

    If you can't cornrow, you can get them done for a reasonable price at a braid shop. (You can also hit up that one cousin who's been braiding since she was 12.)

    Next, she takes a new section of Marley hair and tightly wraps it around the crocheted piece, burning the ends so that everything stays bound.

    Be careful with the fire so close to your fingers!

    The finished look?


    They look like the real deal.

    Serve, Toni, Serve!

    Check out Daley's fast and easy faux locs tutorial here!

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