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Lupita Nyong'o Just Changed Every Woman's Life With This DIY Hair Hack

Hint: It involves an iron.

Lupita Nyong'o just shared a trick that will get us all one step closer to obtaining her next level beauty.

While glamping in Kenya, she realized she left her spray bottle to moisten her natural curls. / Via

Leaving one's spray bottle behind if you're natural is more than a mere act of forgetfulness. It is a tragedy.

Fortunately, her genius hairstylist Vernon Fran├žois quickly realized a solution and quinched her parched curls with an iron.

In the video, the iron sounds as if it is on the steam setting while the stylist is misting.

A glowing Lupita sat and closed her eyes while Fran├žois made his way around her hair, spraying it with the iron/spray bottle/hair steamer.

And her cropped Afro was hydrated, soft and ready for styling.

Thank you, Ms. Nyong'o! To you we are forever indebted.

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