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    This Genius Beauty App Makes Your Skin Look Ridiculously Flawless In All Your Selfies

    You said you wanna look flawless AF for the gram? Say no more.

    Hey y'all. I'm Essence, beauty editor here at BuzzFeed, and not to toot my own horn, but my selfie game is kinda poppin'! But tbh, while I've indeed learned my angles and know how to hold my phone just right, what really takes my pics to the next level is this skin-perfecting app called moreBeaute2.

    There are so many beauty apps out there, but I've been committed to this one ever since a friend put me onto it about five years ago. I mainly use it for selfies that are super close up, or if I have a blemish or pimple. It really evens out your skin tone and makes it look exceptionally flawless.

    So I'll show you how it works with this selfie I took in Miami, no filters or edits. You can see some unevenness in my skin tone, especially around my cheeks and nose.

    First you upload a pic into the app. It automatically lightens your complexion to this problematic ghostliness. No worries, tho. I'll show you how to adjust that. But you can see how it also automatically smooths out your skin so that it looks perfectly even and baby soft.

    To restore my melanin, the first thing I do is drag both the brightness and the tone sliders at the bottom to the far left. Dragging down the brightness corrects my skin tone, while dragging down the tone matches the lighting of the original pic. You can see here on the left what it looks like after adjusting the brightness, and then how it pops a little more on the right after fixing the tone.

    Here's a side-by-side of the original pic and the pic after I adjusted the brightness and tone. Same complexion, same brightness; just waaaaaay smoother.

    Now because I'm not going for an Instagram/YouTube makeup vlogger look, I still like some imperfection. I actually slide down the smoothing tab a little to add some roughness, and I slide the detail setting up to the far right so that you can see more texture to my skin.

    After you adjust smoothing and detail, you can see what your pic looks like with all the edits made so far. You can keep playing with the four tabs until you're satisfied, and then you save the pic. That's it!

    The difference is REAL, and it literally takes less than a minute!!!

    Here's another one I recently did for a review story. I didn't do a great job adjusting the detail setting, so it's a little too "perfect" for my liking, but you can see just how much of a difference the app makes.

    So that's my selfie secret! What's yours? Do you have any other beauty hacks or tips? Share them with me below, and LMK if there's something out there you want me to try.