This 63-Year-Old Mom Quit Her Job As A Social Worker To Become A Fitness Trainer

    Five kids how?

    Meet Ellen Ector, a 63-year-old mom of five, grandmother of four, and health inspiration to people everywhere.

    After 20 years as a social worker, she decided to quit her job and pursue fitness training in 2009. "I said, 'Either you’re gonna do this fitness thing or you’ll be working for someone else for the rest of your life,'" she told BuzzFeed Life.

    She and her daughter Lana also released Black Girls Workout Too!, a fitness DVD series that's developed a strong social media following.

    The fitness guru was especially interested in targeting black women after her mother died of uterine cancer at age 63.

    To anyone who's having trouble getting fit, Ector says, "Be patient. You have to take baby steps."

    And because health is so much bigger than the physical, she also dropped this little gem: "Don’t use your body as a dump. Stop dumping in boyfriend problems, stop dumping in the bad food!"

    Keep shining, Ellen! You're all that and a bag of (kale) chips. 😍