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    Meet The 10-Year-Old Girl With Vitiligo Who's Making Waves As A Model

    Shine on, Star!

    April Star is a 10-year-old model.

    In case you were wondering, her favorite food is pizza because "it’s the best food ever invented." Amen to that, sister🍕!

    It's also very important to know that her favorite animal is the polar bear—after her dog Princess, of course.

    When Star was six years old, she was diagnosed with the skin condition vitiligo.

    Vitiligo "causes the loss of skin color in blotches," according to Mayo Clinic, and it "occurs when the cells that produce melanin die or stop functioning."

    Her mom tells BuzzFeed Life that as Star's skin started to change, kids at school would make fun of her and she was really sad all of the time.

    But with role models like her mom, big sister, and model Winnie Harlow, who also has vitiligo, Star learned to embrace her skin and its "love spots."

    The gorgeous 10-year-old tells BuzzFeed Life that if she could redefine beauty to the world, it would be about personality and being generous to others.

    She also says that confidence is "being yourself and never being afraid of showing anyone the real you."

    Star has already been making some model moves, like this campaign for the cool online kids store Love My Alannah.

    CreativeSoul Photography

    Follow @lovemyalannah on Instagram.

    And she's going to be in an upcoming issue of Essence magazine, too!

    CreativeSoul Photography

    Shine on, Ms. Star🌟