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    15 Things That'll Give Every Tender-Headed Black Girl Instant Flashbacks

    The word Kanekalon still makes us wince, tbh.

    1. Your mom had to recruit your siblings, aunts, and cousins every time she did your hair.

    2. Understandably, because you threw a full fit the second you spotted these items.

    3. Every time you so much as flinched, she'd pop you with whatever was in reach...

    4. ...or threaten to cut off all of your hair.

    5. And as much as you wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine, you knew better.

    6. So you got strategic and hid all of her weaponry.

    "My mom can't do my hair. I threw all the combs away. THEY. HURT. We ain een goin nowhea." Smart little girl 😂

    7. She eventually gave up and made you a professional stylist's burden.

    8. Although a cosmetology license didn't make them any more gentle.

    you tender headed? okay, I'll be gentle. #blacksalonproblems

    9. Going to the salon was also the one time you could actually get in trouble for NOT lying.

    10. Every part and stroke felt something like this.

    Man went for a haircut and came out with a concussion I can't

    11. But all you could do was sit there and cry in silence...

    12. ...praying and singing to cope with the pain.

    13. Until that point came where you could take it no longer.

    14. Tbh, it scarred you for life and the sight of Kanekalon still leaves you shook.

    15. So every time you think about switching up your style, you quickly come to your senses and back out.