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    17 Accurate Portrayals Of Southern Moms, Courtesy Of The Internet

    Yes, they're extra, but we love 'em for it!

    1. She dressed you in bows that equaled your body weight when you were a baby.

    Does my big head make this bow look big! Omg #imdead #southernmoms Only in the South 😂😂😂

    2. She said one, if not all, of these sentences every day of your life.

    3. And she somehow managed to give full orders without even opening her mouth.

    4. She swore you looked "sickly," even if the doctor said you were perfectly healthy.

    Facetimed the parents.... First thing out of Lou's mouth "have you been eating? You look skinnier. #SouthernMoms

    "Honey, you can't trust them doctors." —your southern mom

    5. She wasn't a fan of violence, but she would say a shady prayer.

    "What are you gonna do? Fight her?" "No. I'm gonna pray for her because clearly she has a stick up her ass." #southernmoms

    'Cause real ladies don't fight.

    6. She also blamed the devil for anything bad that happened to you.

    Yesterday I told my mom "I'm tired and frustrated and it's always something." She told me to "pray the devil out." LOL. #SouthernMoms

    7. She got mad with you about things that in no way impacted her well-being.

    my mom got mad at me for not putting butter on my cornbread #southernmoms

    8. And there was no such thing as privacy as long as you were under her roof.

    9. She monogrammed EVERYTHING (including her Vera Bradley bag).

    The only reason I know these campers names is because they have it monogrammed on their backpacks and beach towels. #southernmoms

    10. This fine accessory was a must with her denim pants and skirts.

    Along with a necklace monogrammed with her initials.

    11. "Have you found a good church home?" was the first thing she asked every time you moved.

    I've heard "Take Me To Church" so many times its starting to sound like a phone call woth my mother #haveyoufoundachurch #SouthernMoms

    12. And if the answer was "no," she thought you were headed down a path of destruction.

    "You know Lauren, sometimes I look at you and I think you hate Jesus." #southernmoms #happysunday

    13. She never thought you'd be 30 and unmarried.

    My mother just said she's been looking at bridal gowns for me.... MOM STAHPP 😭 #southernmoms

    14. So she started throwing you subtle hints at 25.

    15. She wasn't afraid of anyone—not even child protective services—if you decided to cut up in public.

    A mother to her daughter acting up: You better quit right now or I will beat ur tail right here in front of God & everybody! #SouthernMoms

    Bc God told her spare the rod, spoil the child.

    16. But ultimately, you knew she loved you more than life itself and would NEVER let distance stop her from taking care of you.

    17. And she always reminded you why southern moms were the best!

    So my mom is at my crib cooking sweet potatoes, greens and bake pork chop.... #southernmoms does it best #houston #alabama