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    21 Satisfying Purchases BuzzFeed Readers Made In April

    We asked our readers to get the real.

    There are so many products out there, and we just wanna know what actually works. We recently asked our BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their favorite purchases they made this month so that we could cut through the bull and get the deets on what's really worth our money.

    1. These DUBS earplugs to quiet the noise.

    2. This correcting cream for an even complexion.

    3. This pet seat cover to keep your ride clean.

    4. This bidet for a super clean feel after you go.

    5. These hiking shoes to conquer the rugged terrain.

    6. This Dyson V8 vacuum that's powerful enough for a deep clean, but sleek enough to store and maneuver.

    7. And this super vaccum that works for carpet, floors, and even walls.

    8. This Tomorrow book series for a good read.

    9. This hammock that lets you nap anywhere.

    10. This Chromecast to play all your faves from your phone to TV.

    11. This Maybelline foundation for a matte finish.

    12. This loose and comfy dress for a quick and stylish look.

    13. This handy-dandy steamer if you hate ironing.

    14. This mask variety pack to give your skin some TLC.

    15. And this fancy face mask set for a little of this, and a little of that.

    16. This aromatherapy lotion for a soothing feel and rest.

    17. This battery operated bae for an orgasm on demand.

    18. These tights that'll have you looking like a yoga pro.

    19. This healthy meal delivery kit with fancy ingredients.

    20. This curling wand set for bouncy spirals or waves.

    21. This microfiber mop for a squeaky clean floor.

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