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    The Black List: This Blogger's Allergic Reaction To Coconut Oil And More

    Also, Bey and Solange's mom is literally every mom.

    Michael Hinson / BuzzFeed

    Welcome to The Black List! Each week, we’ll share seven things from around the web that should be on every magical black girl’s radar.

    1. Solange drops the video for "Don't Touch My Hair," and it's dope AF bc it's Solange.

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    Channel: solangeknowlesmusic

    Outlet: YouTube

    So on September 30, Solange Knowles Ferguson invited us all to Have A Seat At The Table and released yet another grand body of work. And yesterday, she dropped visuals for two of the album's standout tracks, "Cranes In The Sky" and "Don't Touch My Hair." Both videos are impossibly beautiful, but "Don't Touch My Hair" is black hair magic GOALS! Watch here and be blessed.

    2. Also, Tina Lawson is being SUCH a mom on Instagram and it's seriously giving us all the feels.

    @mstinalawson / Via

    Handle: @mstinalawson

    Platform: Instagram

    Mama Tina, the chosen creator of Beyoncé and Solange, is posting all these pics, expressing her pride over her baby girl's new album and it's way too cute. Under this screenshot of Solange's album on iTunes, Mrs. Lawson wrote the most heartfelt caption: "I'm so proud Solanges record thanks to all of you ❤️was number one on I tunes today ! God Is soo good!!❤️. Thank you to all who purchased it and tweeted or instagramed or facebooked or whatever you did ! God bless you for the support ! My heart is full❤️❤️❤️. Yes I know part of her head is cut off but I can't fix it I tried but like I always say I'm a mother on Instagram so you got to overlook that! Thats the kind of stuff that we do ha ha. But you get the picture , I can't let the day pass without celebrating her!"

    You don't get anymore peak mom than cut-off pics, randomly placed heart emojis, and of course, reverence for The Man Upstairs. #WeLoveTinaForever!

    3. Sisters Kay and Cari slay, showing us how to incorporate the new season's velvet trend into our wardrobes.

    @layllahstyle / Via

    Author: Cari Rene


    The sisters behind fashion blog Layllah are highlighting fall's new trends, and first up is velvet! The fabric was seen on runways for Balmain, Stella McCartney, and other fashion houses, so Kay and Cari flawlessly give us a few ideas for how we can wear it. No worries if your pockets aren't on swole. Here are a few more affordable options: Cross The Rope Velvet Top ($28), Crushed Velvet Dress ($49.99), and Jaque boots in burgundy velvet ($129.95). See how Kay and Cari style their velvet here for more fashion inspiration!

    4. Naptural85 says that after years of using coconut oil in her haircare routine, her hair and scalp started rejecting the oil.

    Naptural85 / Via

    Author: Andrea Jordan


    In a chat with Andrea Jordan of, popular natural hair vlogger Naptural85 shares how her long love affair with coconut oil came to an end after her hair stopped retaining moisture and her scalp became painfully inflamed. The site also gets some insight from dermatologist Dr. Michelle Henry. Henry suggests that Naptural85 may have developed a contact allergy to the oil, and says this is totally possible even though she hadn't experienced any allergic reactions before. See here for the full conversation and to watch Naptural85's YouTube video talking about her experience with coconut oil.

    5. The hilarious Damon Young explains why you're actually low-key winning if you're ashy.

    Jpc-prod / Getty Images

    Author: Damon Young

    Outlet: Very Smart Brothas

    Young is aware that "Public Ashiness might be the only thing in the Black community with a 0% approval rating," but he goes onto make several points as to why skin dryness may not be all that bad. "Imagine if you were in a hostage situation and weren’t allowed to speak to the other people also held captive," he writes. "How helpful would it be if you could communicate messages to each other by transcribing them in the ash on your shins?" Check out all the other pros of being ashy AF here on VSB.

    6. Kilahmazing shows us four quick and easy ways to rock a headscarf.

    Kilahmazing / Via

    Channel: Kilahmazing

    Outlet: YouTube

    Summer is officially gone bye-bye, and our hair will soon confront the harsh realities of winter. On days you're trying to preserve the moisture, or just looking to add a cute accessory to your look, try one of Kilahmazing's scarf styles. She walks you through each one here.

    7. Ayesha Curry shares this fall-off-the-bone Brown Sugar Chicken recipe from her new cookbook on The Real.

    The Real Daytime / Via

    Channel: The Real Daytime

    Outlet: YouTube

    Ayesha Curry has a new cookbook, The Seasoned Life, and she stopped by The Real to make the hosts one of her favorite recipes, Mama Alexander's Brown Sugar Chicken. The dish starts off with warm butter and olive oil, so we're already sold. Watch her make the perfectly golden piece of chicken here, plus get the full recipe!

    Here's to another day, another black girl slay! Stay magically beautiful ❤️.