The Black List: Cheap Alternatives For Expensive Makeup, And More

    "I don't apologize for my color, for my sex, or for anything." — Serena Williams

    1. Alicia Keys gives Trump the finger in the middle of Times Square and urges her fans to vote.

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    Alicia Keys, like a lot of people, is over a certain Republican presidential nominee's shenanigans. The Grammy winner performed in Times Square Sunday night and shut it all the way down, and she addressed the presidential candidate's comments about "grabbing" women's vaginas. "Whose name rhymes with scum has the nerve to be talking about grabbing pussy?!" Keys said to the crowd at one moment during the live show. "You know what I say to that?" And then she stood up with her middle finger high in the air, and the crowd applauded. Watch the glorious moment plus her speech about the importance of voting here.

    2. After developing an allergy to coconut oil, Naptural85 shares some of her favorite hair products that don't contain the natural ingredient.

    3. ItsMyRayeRaye spills the tea on more affordable beauty products that make good alternatives for the pricy ones.

    4. Issa Rae is keeping it all the way real about TV's lack of diversity as she stars in her new HBO series.

    5. Beauty Bakerie has GORGEOUS liquid lipsticks and matte and metallic eye shadows for all the makeup lovers.

    6. Serena Williams covers Fader and opens about how she fights racism and sexism as a world renowned athlete.

    7. Ciara talks about motherhood and marriage, plus her new modeling contract in #legend.

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