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    19 Things You'll Only Understand If You Suck At Makeup

    Pretty hurts.

    1. First of all, nothing about having a whole bunch of stuff on your face feels good.

    @ithinkmakeuptoo / Via

    2. Like, you can't even consume nutrients necessary for your survival without it causing a problem.

    @missohsotatted / Via

    3. It's basically just super-hard and frustrating.

    @_kimkimmmm / Via

    4. And sometimes that frustration makes you hurt the ones you love.

    @shopannibelleza / Via

    5. Contouring is humanly impossible...

    @gayyo__ / Via

    6. As are brows.

    @makeuplolz / Via

    7. ESPECIALLY brows.

    @makeuplolz / Via

    8. How are you even supposed to know when enough is enough?

    @amywillson1 / Via

    9. Or when to do what?

    @andi.l.m / Via

    So. Many. Steps.

    10. It's impossible to keep up because they're always changing shit.

    @makeuplolz / Via

    11. It takes forever to buy stuff because you don't even know what to get.

    @beautybyale__ / Via

    12. And the good shit is always out of your budget.

    @makeuplolz / Via

    "Oh, you thought you were 'bout to get that contour stick? GIRL BYE!"—Sallie Mae

    13. But can we talk about the dangers?

    @beautybyale__ / Via

    14. Like, you should never be forced to choose between eyesight and beauty.

    @akatmadeinjapan / Via

    15. Is a perfect and precise wing tip reeeeally worth all the agony?

    @roshiee_ / Via

    16. Just when you get the hang of things, something goes wrong.

    @makeuplolz / Via

    17. Or you finally start believing in yourself only to be shot down.

    @makeuplolz / Via

    When you thought you nailed it but your blending skills determined that was a lie.

    18. And you do so much work just to take it off a few hours later.

    @ maellecestlaplusbelle / Via

    19. So you basically just say "whatevs" because you realize you're fine as hell regardless.

    @makeuplolz / Via

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