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This 4-Year-Old Boy's Hair Is Every Curly Person's Life Goal

Curls stay poppin!

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(Bonus: He's a vocalist, too!)

Instagram: @faroukjames

🎶Why you always lyin', why you always lyin'🎶

He landed his first modeling job when he was only nine months old, and since his mother Bonnie started his Instagram two years ago, he's already attracted over 69,000 followers.

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Bonnie tells BuzzFeed when Farouk was two years old, social media fans started recognizing him in public. "I was a bit concerned, as I want him to be confident but I don’t want him to have a huge ego," she says. "I want him to remain the kind, loving, sharing, friendly little guy that he is. If I saw any sign of anything else, I would stop the whole Instagram page."


To care for his gorgeous ringlets, his mom shampoos his hair and heavily applies conditioner. For school, Farouk can only wear his hair braided down, which is a style he loves!

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She also says she spritzes his hair with water an hour before shampooing to soften any tangles, and she suggests sleeping on a satin pillow case, especially if you have curly hair, to prevent drying and breakage.

Bonnie says that Farouk loves to help pick out his clothes and has been on the whole suit-and-tie kick as of late—except for that one time he wanted to wear his Star Wars alien costume to church.