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Solange Just Blasted This Company On Twitter For Being Late With Her Weave Delivery


Solange Knowles, Queen of Not Giving a Single Damn Land, was just put in a very unfortunate situation that no human being should ever have to experience.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

The artist placed a very urgent order of two 24-inch pure curly bundles, which was supposed to be delivered by on-demand delivery service Postmates, and her package was at least 30 minutes behind its scheduled delivery time.

*For white people: Bundles are weaves.

And as if waiting for your bundles isn't stressful enough, she also had to catch a flight!

Knowles took to Twitter to call the company out about the serious situation...

And countless people rallied behind her in support.

Because that's just what you do when you see a fellow human in a time of distress.

Solange's courage to put Postmates on blast gave others the strength to come forward and share their experiences with the company.

Like this guy who STILL hasn't gotten his salad.

Somebody get Connor a Snickers, please.
Twitter: @conrabanks

Somebody get Connor a Snickers, please.

Some were so hurt that they encouraged the public humiliation of the company.

Because sometimes it takes tough love for people — or "on-demand delivery" companies — to step up and take ownership of their responsibilities.

Postmates eventually apologized and asked Knowles to DM her info so that they could "look into" the matter, and she agreed.

But the question still remains:

Judging by Postmates' help account, tho, we're gonna go out on a limb and say prolly not.

GET YA LIFE RIGHT, POSTMATES! For there are two things in this world that should ALWAYS be delivered on time: food and weave.

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