17 Photos Of Shrinkage That Prove The Power Of Black Hair

    It's naturally magical, tbh.

    1. Shrinkage makes curly hair look shorter than its actual length.

    2. And we can look at pics of it alllll day, TBH.

    3. It's so satisfying to see just how far this natural beauty's curls can actually stretch.

    4. What looks shoulder length is really bra strap length, and it's FREAKIN' MAGICAL!

    5. Just a little tug, and this cutie's braids stretch down his back.

    6. Imagine being able to go from cropped and curly to long and straight like this natural goddess.

    7. This baby and her hang time might just take the crown, tho.

    8. Miracle: noun. The rare instance in which one's hair is equally thick and long.

    9. The face of an unbothered individual who knows the power of her hair.

    10. And the mood of someone whose shrinkage is lit AF.

    11. Shook by the levels. Completely, utterly SHOOOOOK!

    12. *Adds "see her hair in a 'fro" and "see her hair in a blowout" to life bucket list*

    13. Proof that we're definitely born with this magic.

    14. Just in case you needed more convincing.

    15. Stop what you're doing and admire these FLAWLESS natural coils turned GORGEOUS sleek curls, tho.

    16. What's the point of having shrinkage if you're not gonna flex with a cute little front stretch?!

    17. To be real, we haven't believed in anything this magical since St. Nick.

    Anything short of beautiful, stunning, heavenly perfection is basically an understatement when it comes to black hair!