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    17 Photos That Explain Shrinkage To People Who Don't Understand Black Hair

    For anyone who's ever asked, "How does it grow like that?"

    1. So this is shrinkage, guys.

    2. It's basically when our hair looks short...

    3. ...but really it's waaay longer.

    4. It "shrinks" after it absorbs lots of moisture.

    5. But then, when we pull, or "stretch" it, the actual length is restored!

    6. VOILÀ!

    7. "How could this be?" you ask.

    8. Well, it's a glorious superpower!

    9. Our majestic ancestors passed it down to us. 👑

    10. And even the tiniest babies possess it.

    11. Get into this length, why don't ya. 😩

    12. And all this lush fullness 🙌.

    13. Admire the grandeur and get your life!

    14. SO👏 MUCH👏 HAIR👏

    15. Honestly, the stretch game is on another level.

    16. One has never seen a more glorious crown.

    17. This is not a drill, y'all.

    #BlackGirlMagic is NOT a game!