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    Just A Reminder, Nicki Minaj Is The Only Woman Slaying A Male-Dominated Industry

    Don't ever talk about Nicki in the past tense, unless she fly past that ass in a fast Bent.

    1. So Nicki Minaj is on the the current issue of Marie Claire, looking like perfection in a high updo with her face SNATCHED!

    2. And just last weekend she performed at the Tidal concert and shut. shit. DOWWWN!

    3. But, tbh, next-level slayage isn't anything new for Nicki. It's just what she does 💁.

    4. Like the way she crossed over into high-fashion as a CURVY AF BLACK WOMAN.

    5. But then again, we can't say we we're too surprised because look at that smile will ya?!

    6. This barb was made for the camera, dahling.

    7. Whether she's weaved up...

    8. Rocking her own hair...

    9. Wearing a face full of makeup...

    10. Or barely any at all...

    11. Nicki Minaj is sheer perfection 😍.

    12. But let's talk about how she's also the number one female rapper who consistently bodies her male peers on their own records.

    13. Her very first album, Pink Friday, shot straight to the number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart, as did her second album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

    14. Now she's holding it down for women as the only Queen to make Forbes' 2016 Cash Kings List with her $20.5 milli in earnings this year.

    15. And then there's all the other boss moves: her own wine beverages, a few fragrances, and an affordable clothing line so that all of her barbs can be just as dolled up as she is.

    16. She's managed to become one of entertainment's most influential women, and she did it in a male-dominated industry.

    17. Nicki Minaj basically inspires us every day to be champions in every aspect of our lives.