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    Here's Why Cornrows Are For Black Women

    Often imitated, never duplicated.

    1. Cornrows: a hairstyle in which hair is braided down into rows and patterns.

    2. In recent years, they've made their way into mainstream culture, thanks to famous non-black people whose stardom is largely due to cultural appropriation.

    3. But long before mainstream media renamed them boxer braids, cornrows were—and still are—a popular protective hairstyle for black people.

    4. And no matter how hard other people try to recreate the 'do, it just never looks as fresh as it does on the originator!

    5. See, only a certain texture is strong enough to carry the weight of these braids.

    6. And only a certain goddess can swing them with such swag and grace.

    7. There's an ART to these perfectly clean parts and laid edges.

    8. One's cornrows don't simply get into this kind of formation on their own. There's a science to it.

    9. This star required some supernatural precision, guys.

    10. Notice how there is not one 👏 single 👏 strand 👏 out 👏 of 👏 PLACE 👏.

    11. And it's critically important that you take note of the motion, the fluidity of these winding rows.

    12. Cornrows are effortlessly regal, a reflection of the queens who rock them.

    13. And there's no limit to their movement or design...

    14. Or the heights they can reach.

    15. They are simple...

    16. And they are complex.

    17. Cornrows are beautiful and magical in every way!