Literally Just A Bunch Of Photos Of #BlackLove To Give You Hope If Your DM's Dry AF

    Black-on-black love.

    1. They met on Twitter in 2012 and have been solid ever since and now we're crying happy tears. K, bye.

    2. Stalking Shelah Marie and Ace Hood's IG is honestly self-care.


    3. This is Remy and Pap's world, and we're just blessed to be living in it.

    4. Get you a man who knows how to capture juuuust the right angle while y'all chillin' on mountain tops.

    5. I feel like they nailed this pose in one take.

    6. GET. IN. TO. THESE. FACES!!!!!

    7. If your boo not crying like an actual baby at the sight of your beauty, is it even real?

    8. And if you're not tryna match bae's fly like this then what are you even doing?!

    9. Her ability to serve this kind of face while he's smooching all on her is seriously impressive.

    10. When you know you look good so you back it up on bae.

    11. A couple that travels together stays together.

    12. Yes, this is a stunning photo, but also, can we get the name of her edge control?

    13. And can somebody DM them to ask what kind of toothpaste they're using? Thx!

    14. When you and bae so equally yoked that y'all both be rocking protective styles.

    And they be making music together, too?! DIS TEW MUUUUCH!

    15. *Prints, cuts, and pastes onto vision board*

    16. When your love shining brighter than the sun.

    17. How are their profiles this perfect, tho? We need answers!

    18. Of course the two people with the world's most perfect skin found each other. Of course.

    19. They are so cuuute... even when they're fighting over blankets.

    20. We just wanna find somebody we can share hair products and cheese for the camera with.

    21. We never even knew we could root so hard for a couple that we didn't even know.

    22. He told her he'd take her wherever she wanted to go, and our hearts have officially melted.

    23. Ain't no love like that HBCU love. #BlackLove Goals

    24. Willing to bet that this is the cool couple everybody wants to double date with.

    25. Could Sterling K. Brown and his wife be any more perfect???

    26. We're looking at them the way she's looking at him.

    27. No #BlackLove conversation is complete without these two, obvi.