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Literally Just A Bunch Of Photos Of #BlackLove To Give You Hope If Your DM's Dry AF

Black-on-black love.

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2. Stalking Shelah Marie and Ace Hood's IG is honestly self-care.


7. If your boo not crying like an actual baby at the sight of your beauty, is it even real?

Instagram: @mynameischrischalk

8. And if you're not tryna match bae's fly like this then what are you even doing?!

Instagram: @4everericandlavell

12. Yes, this is a stunning photo, but also, can we get the name of her edge control?

Instagram: @raysimagery

And they be making music together, too?! DIS TEW MUUUUCH!

Instagram: @jadenovah

15. *Prints, cuts, and pastes onto vision board*

Instagram: @supremestreet

17. How are their profiles this perfect, tho? We need answers!

@wifeandwife / Via

Get into this caption: "Somehow you manage to be the calm in my storm, and the migraine in my headache simultaneously, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you for your friendship, love, and companionship. Each day, I'm reminded why I chose you. My #WCE SoontobeMrsFrench 💋" —@wifeandwife

19. They are so cuuute... even when they're fighting over blankets.

Instagram: @offsetyrn

20. We just wanna find somebody we can share hair products and cheese for the camera with.

Instagram: @itjustwouldntbeus

21. We never even knew we could root so hard for a couple that we didn't even know.

Instagram: @keyshiakaoir

22. He told her he'd take her wherever she wanted to go, and our hearts have officially melted.

@dangerusswilson / Via

"Wherever you wanna go... I’ll take you. I Love you! @Ciara Happy Birthday Mama! #YouStoleMyHeart" —@dangerusswilson

23. Ain't no love like that HBCU love. #BlackLove Goals

Instagram: @birminghamtimes

Swipe to see their story and get all your feels!

"Emma and Arthur Coleman met each other through a mutual friend at Alabama Stare University. After being arrested during a peaceful civil rights protest, the two knew they were meant to be married." —@birminghamtimes

27. No #BlackLove conversation is complete without these two, obvi.

Instagram: @michelleobama