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This Hashtag About Women In The Workplace May Be The Realest One Yet

"Pay me what you owe me." —Rihanna and every other black woman.

On Tuesday's Fox & Friends, news personality Bill O'Reilly claimed he couldn't hear Congresswoman Maxine Waters' comments on the absence of Trump supporters' patriotism because "I was looking at her James Brown wig."

This attack on Congresswoman Maxine Waters from Bill O'Reilly is openly racist (via @mmfa)

She tweeted how these instances of racism against black women in the workplace were all too common, and urged black women to share their "Maxine and April" stories using the hashtag #BlackWomenAtWork.

Twitter: @MsPackyetti

The "April" in the tweet is in reference to the White House press conference on March 28 in which White House press secretary Sean Spicer told American Urban Radio Networks reporter April Ryan to "stop shaking your head" and accused her of being "hell-bent" on being biased after she asked him a question about the perception of the U.S. administration's ties to Russia, according to USA Today.


And how black women are told to nicely package their critiques when such politeness is not required of other employees.

#BlackWomenAtWork I corrected a white female coworker, she cried, we ended up in a meeting with management. Mgr sa…



We were so worked up over these tweets that we mistakenly attributed the quote in the dek to Beyoncé instead of Rihanna.

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