"Baking" Your Face Is The New Way To Get Perfect Skin

    Chill. No ovens involved.

    To every woman, girl, boy, and man who's waited tirelessly for the next big moment in slayage, the time has come.

    Brace yourselves and enter the world of "baking," also called "cooking," your face.

    Popularized by drag queens, baking vanishes fine lines, creases, and pores, giving makeup a flawless finish.

    To bake your face, go about your beauty prep and apply foundation as usual.

    After your normal makeup routine, apply concealer under your eyes and upward toward your temples.

    Pat the concealer into the skin with a sponge until it is fully blended.

    Apply a heavy layer of translucent powder on top of the blended concealer and let it sit for about 10 minutes.

    You should look like this.

    As the powder sits, it works with your skin's natural heat to melt (aka "bake") the concealer into your face, filling in any creases and lines.

    Once the 10 minutes are up, use short flicking motions to sweep away the powder with a blush brush.

    The end result is a face free of any visible lines, creases, and pores.

    And if there's any doubt on whether it works or not, two words: Kim. Kardashian.

    These faces are baked for the heavens!

    Now go forth and get bakin'!