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    The New Face Of CoverGirl Wears A Hijab And It's A Really Big Deal

    Take notes, other makeup companies.

    CoverGirl is a big forerunner in the diversity of major cosmetic campaigns!

    The makeup brand has signed on Janelle Monae, Sofia Vergara, and James Charles—its first ever male face—to represent the company on billboards and TV commercials.

    And most recently, CoverGirl revealed that its newest brand ambassador is Muslim beauty blogger Nura Afia!!!

    @nuralailalov / Via

    Afia has an Instagram fanbase of over 300,000, and a YouTube channel—where she share's clear skin secrets, makeup tutorials, and stylish ways to tie her hijab—with over 200,000 subscribers.

    Specifically, Afia will be a face for CoverGirl's So Lashy! BlastPro Mascara, made with a special brush that amplifies short, long, sparse, any other kind of lashes.

    Afia told that it all felt surreal and "I never thought I would see Muslim women represented on such a large scale."

    Babylailalov / Via

    The new brand ambassador will make history as the first Muslim to wear her hijab for a major cosmetics campaign, and the whole world will see it in an upcoming CoverGirl commercial and this HUGE Times Square billboard!

    @COVERGIRL / Via Twitter: @COVERGIRL


    Babylailalov / Via