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This Doctor Just Broke A Major Beauty Barrier At The Miss World Pageant

Hair on loc!

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Meet Sanneta Myrie.

Instagram: @sanneta_myrie

I know. We couldn't stop staring either.

She's a doctor who also loves reggae, cross country running, and volunteering.

Instagram: @sanneta_myrie

Oh yeah, and she also happens to be Miss Jamaica and a history-making Miss World contestant!

Instagram: @sanneta_myrie

No bigz.

At the Miss World Pageant on Saturday, Myrie became the first ever contestant to rock her hair in locs during the competition's history.

Instagram: @sanneta_myrie

"My life has always been rooted in the arts and culture, which has significantly impacted my own personal style," Myrie told Jamaica Observer. "So even when I select glam, it has to have an ethnic, urban twist to it."

The Caribbean beauty wore her gorgeous locs in a regal, high bun, while her opponents went the long and silky route.

Instagram: @sanneta_myrie

She also came in fourth place and was the only black woman to land in the top five.

Instagram: @sanneta_myrie

Sanneta Myrie, you are smart, stunning, and bold, and we want to be your BEST FRIEND FOREVERšŸ˜!

Instagram: @sanneta_myrie


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