This Barber Was Giving Free Haircuts To Homeless People So A Stranger Gave Him A New Barbershop

    Tfw you realize there's still a lotta good people in the world.

    This is Brennon Jones, guys. He's a barber based in Philadelphia, and he gives free haircuts to the homeless.

    The barber told BuzzFeed that he started offering his services after "a brief encounter with a homeless gentleman who made me view life differently." He had been a barber for 11 years, but had retired and went into another line of work when he decided to start cutting hair again for people free of charge. He'd set up anywhere outside, like on sidewalks and islands in the street, because he didn't have a shop.

    "Me personally, I think I surpassed a thousand haircuts, so many I stopped counting," Jones said to local news station FOX29. He's even carried his mission outside of Philadelphia to places like Camden, NJ, which is "home to the fourth highest rate of homelessness" in the state.

    Earlier this April, he was cutting hair when a man whom he'd never met named Sean Johnson saw him and asked what his plan was for the winter. "I didn't have an answer," Jones told BuzzFeed. "My plan was to go work in a random barbershop and put HC4H (Haircuts For Homeless) on hold."

    Months later, Johnson found Jones's business card from their first exchange and asked him to meet him at a newly renovated barbershop he owned. "He asked me 'Why would you want to be an employee if you have the potential to be an owner?' I couldn't answer that question either," Jones told us. "He tossed me the key and said, 'If you like it, it's yours.'"

    Yesterday, the new barbershop owner celebrated the opening of his new business, Phenomenom Perfection. He wrote, "Never in my wildest imagination would I expect this day to come," in an Instagram post.

    Jones told BuzzFeed that every week the shop will host Makeover Mondays where the homeless can come in for free lunch, toiletries, and of course a free haircut or style.

    He said that there've been many sacrifices, like taking public transportation instead of owning a car, to fulfill his passion of helping people, "but I vow to make it work." Companies and everyday people have also donated hair products and money through PayPal to show their support.