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    A Pro Makeup Artist Gave Us A Bunch Of Really Good Tips For Every Skill Level

    Line the bottom lash line FIRST, for a most perfect wing!

    This is Hector Espinal, guys, the magically talented Global Makeup Artist for FENTY Beauty by Rihanna. He recently did our beauty squad's makeup and increased our quality of life by 3000%.

    Hector showed Dani, Patrice, and me how to create three different Fenty looks, each one requiring a different skill level. Whether your makeup skills are beginner, basic, or bomb, we got you!

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    For Daniella, Hector made it all about the skin. The look is very soft and natural, and is great for every day.

    1. Apply primer at the center of your face, and work your way outward. The formula doesn't have any silicone in it either, so it's really nice and creamy. Hector says, "It's a Snap filter in a bottle!"

    2. Apply an even layer of foundation all over your face with a beauty sponge. Start with a little so it doesn't look cakey, and build if you need more.

    3. For a chiseled look, contour higher than usual. And in the words of Hector, "Contour is like Spanx. It should be on, but people shouldn't see it."

    4. Control oil by blotting just the center of your face, and keep the perimeter a little more dewey. The contrast in texture makes for a more natural finish.

    5. Apply highlighter to the high points of your face, like your temples and cheekbones. You can also use highlighter as eye shimmer!

    6. To finish any natural look, seal the deal with mascara and gloss!

    For Patrice, Hector wanted to focus on the lips. Switch up your usual routine and try this soft glam beat.

    7. So each look basically starts with the same steps, which are primer and foundation. If you have dry skin, Hector says a good tip is to mix both products, two pumps of primer and two pumps of foundation, and apply them together.

    8. After he contoured Patrice, Hector used the same shade to give her eyes more depth and shape. For this little hack, just apply your dark contour shade to the crease of your eye.

    9. After you've contoured, apply a shimmery highlighter to your cheekbones of course. If you don't feel like dealing with eyeshadow, you can apply the same highlighter to the the center, or ball, of your eye for shimmer.

    10. But if you do want some eyeshadow, apply a shade to your entire lid using your finger. Using your finger instead of a brush avoids messy fallout.

    11. End strong by layering on mascara and your fave bold lipstick, and top the lipstick with gloss in a similar shade to saturate the color even more. If there are any harsh lipstick lines around your mouth, Hector says a gloss helps to blend them out.

    For Essence (I know, it's weird writing abt me in third person), Hector brought the DRAMA with contour, highlight, and a sharp AF winged eye.

    12. To really show off the different dimensions of your face, apply your foundation shade to the center of your face, and a shade darker to the perimeter since the perimeter picks up light differently and appears darker.

    13. When the focus of any look is the eyes, as in this case, you want to brighten the under-eye, nose, and chin with concealer. This really draws in the attention!

    14. After brightening the center of your face, contour (duh!), and then REALLY pack on the eyeshadow. To intensify the pigment, wet your eyeshadow brush before picking up the shades and applying.

    15. For a dramatic and precise wing, Hector says to start with the the lower lash line first and use it as a guide.

    16. Sweep the same highlighter you popped in your tear ducts across your cheekbones.

    17. To complete the look, finish off with mascara and lipstick. Your lip can be as bold or as muted as you want since the eye is dramatic but still subtle in color. To keep the focus on the wings, though, Hector suggests a more muted shade.

    Our moods after Hector gave us all the keys to recreate these ~LEWKS~!!!