This Modeling Agency Is Challenging The Industry's Race And Body Image Issues

    Calling all shades and sizes.

    The fashion and beauty industries look a little something like this:

    There is a disturbing lack of diversity, with models of color often excluded.

    But Lorde Inc., a newly launched modeling agency, is looking to change all of that.

    The founder, Nafisa Kaptownwala, tells BuzzFeed Life she started Lorde after noticing that many of her peers who had careers in fashion weren't working with models of color.

    The models look less like your typical Vogue centerfold and more like a cool-ass posse you'd want to be friends with.

    Kaptownwala tells us that the model selection was "entirely intentional" and that Lorde aims to challenge conventional beauty standards.

    In its official Instagram bio, the agency specifically targeting models of color describes itself as a "street casting" agency.

    There are no casting rules surrounding weight or height. All aspiring models have to do is submit a photo with their name, age, and location.

    Lorde is based in the UK, and the agency scouts in London, Toronto, and New York City.

    Word up to change!