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This Korean Beauty Trend Involves Shaping Your Hair Like A Heart And Everyone's Doing It


So there's a kinda new beauty trend stirring on social media, and it's called heart bangs.

Too. Cute.

Trendsetters in Korea have been on heart bangs for over a year now, but the 'do is just now making its way to other parts of the world.

It's just like Sailor Moon's bangs...

Toei Animation / Via

Respect to the OG.

Searching the Instagram hashtag 하트앞머리, which means heart bangs in Korean, returns over 2,000 pics of bold beauties rocking the look.

You can sport them extra long...

With a little color in the mix...

Or with a cute and fluffy creature!

How you choose to wear your heart is totally up to you!

Getting heart bangs is so easy, you could almost do it in your sleep.

But there's a curling iron involved, so don't!

Divide your bangs into two sections, and curl each piece in an upside down half-heart shape.

Together, they'll make a really pretty heart ❤️.

Your bang should look like this!

Mist a little hairspray for hold and you're good to go.

It really doesn't get any cuter.

Now go shape your bangs like hearts and be insanely adorable!
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