21 Natural Hair Transformations To Encourage You When The Struggle Gets Real

    Be patient.

    1. So cutting your hair can be VERY scary.

    2. Especially if you're going natural...

    3. And you decide to do the BIG CHOP!

    4. "What will I look like with short hair?" you ask yourself.

    5. "Will it ever grow back?"

    6. Don't worry, though.

    7. Everything's gonna be OK.

    8. Your hair will eventually sprout its way back up.

    9. And it'll probably be even healthier than it was before!

    10. Just make sure that you show it lots of TLC.

    11. Find a good hair care regimen for your texture.

    12. A healthy, clean scalp and moisturized tresses make all the difference.

    13. And remember that everything, even what we eat, affects the growth and health of our hair.

    14. If you're transitioning, don't be afraid to cut long pieces.

    15. It'll make it easier to style and take care of your hair.

    16. If it's at a length you're not used to styling, you can try different twist and braid-outs for some added stretch.

    17. Whatever you do, though...

    18. NEVER compare your journey to someone else's.

    19. Because everyone's hair is different.

    20. And all hair textures and lengths are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

    21. Just enjoy YOUR process (and take lots of selfies)!