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    15 Reasons Jealous Best Friends Are Actually Better Than Your Other Friends

    You're so lucky to have us.

    1. We're like personal body guards, protecting you from strange imposters trying to creep into your life.

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    2. And this has NOTHING to do with a deep-rooted insecurity that you'll replace us with them.

    3. Leaving you takes a toll on us emotionally, but mainly because it hurts us to know how miserable you'll be without us.

    *silently prays please don't let them have fun without me*

    4. And that's only because we take our role as BFF very seriously.

    5. We'll be the bigger person and apologize, even when you say hurtful things like, "You're smothering me."

    6. Which is totes ridiculous, 'cause it's not like our love for you gets in the way of your other friendships.

    estrella .de .la .muerte_ / Via

    7. We actually encourage you having a life outside of us, as long as said life doesn't involve the following: fun, happiness, sadness.

    @brittanylecia / Via

    8. You'll never have to question our loyalty.

    9. Even when YOU commit the ultimate betrayal!

    "I understand she's your boss, but what part of I HATE HERRR do you not understaaand?"

    10. Or when you take us for granted and forget all the ways we make your life better.

    11. Like how we're there to stop you from making the worst decisions of your life.

    12. Like true friends, we always forgive you and remind you of just how deep our friendship goes.

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    13. Cause that's just what ya do when you love someone enough to hold them accountable for their wrongdoings.

    14. There is basically no one on earth who will ever love you as much as we do.

    NBC / Via

    15. And we'd straight up marry you. J/k πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ... Unless you want to.

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