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    17 Photos Of Impossibly Good Twist-Outs That Will Make You Believe In Sorcery

    When it goes from #blackgirlmagic to black magic real quick.

    If you can't nail a twist-out to save your life and this painfully accurate meme speaks to your most inner depths, then please, friends, envy these twist-outs with us.

    1. The body. The definition. The volume. IN WHAT WORLD?!

    Naturally Curla / Via

    2. *heavy sigh* Never felt so inspired and discouraged at the same time.

    @brosiaaa / Via

    3. But why does this twist-out look like an ad for natural hair products?

    @iamnovibrown / Via

    😍 And can we also talk about how stunning she is?!

    4. *screams "IT'S NOT FAIIIIIRRRRRR!" at top of lungs*

    @shanillia26 / Via

    5. Ringlets like this and we're supposed to believe she's not a unicorn? ~sure~

    askpRoy / Via

    6. As if the eyeliner wing wasn't enough, she pulls off this flawless crown of glory. We feel disrespected.

    @actually_ashly / Via

    7. HOW SWAY?????????

    @modelesque_nic / Via

    8. Gasping and saying "UMMAGAAAAWWWSH 😩" is the only appropriate reaction.

    @simplycyn / Via

    9. This braid-out is actually our New Year's resolution.

    @trophdoph / Via

    10. Never once have we done a twist-out and had such looks of peace and ease on our faces.

    SunKissAlba / Via

    11. People have bought wigs that look like this because it's just that hard. #AngelHuman.

    Samantha Pollack / Via

    12. Baby hairs AND curls?! DIS TEW MUUUUUUCH!

    PrettieMajor / Via

    13. Thanks for these helpful steps that we'll never be able to successfully do!

    @thelovelygrace / Via

    14. This is the kind of hair we only saw on Disney Princesses... until now.

    Naptural85 / Via

    15. Just knowing there are people in the world who can do ultra defined and slightly-tousled curls at once gives us hope for tomorrow.

    @ravishing_tresses / Via

    16. But the detail of each and every one of these tiny ringlets is blowing our minds.

    @bellakinksdfwnaturalhairexpo / Via

    17. Success, noun: When your twist-out looks like a wash-and-go and then you slightly smirk because you know you did THAT!

    NaturalNeiicey / Via