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You're Supposed To Wash Your Face At The Sink, Not The Shower, And This Is Why

The more you know.

This is Charlotte Cho, founder of Soko Glam, one of the largest online retailers for Korean beauty products. She's also a licensed esthetician in New York City.

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We recently spoke with her about K-beauty, and the dos and don'ts of skin care. A common skin care practice that Charlotte says people should actually STOP doing is washing their faces in the shower.

"Hot water coming straight onto your face from the shower head can strip away your natural oils and leave your skin barrier weak, vulnerable and cracked," she told BuzzFeed. "To avoid putting your face directly into piping hot water straight from the shower head, try cleansing your skin at the sink with lukewarm water."

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In a post for The Klog, Soko Glam's editorial site, beauty contributor Tina Cho wrote that she actually double cleanses and then moisturizes with a facial oil before getting into the shower. The oil "creates a protective barrier on my skin and prevents moisture from escaping during and after the hot shower."

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And if you're wondering what happens if she gets shampoo or soapy water on her face by accident, she just does a partial face cleanse again after her shower.

Charlotte told us, though, that you can wash your face before or after you shower. The important thing is to just treat your skin gently.

  1. So tell us, how you were washing your face before this?

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So tell us, how you were washing your face before this?
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    I've ALWAYS washed my face at the sink bc I'm not new to this, I'm TRUE to this!
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    I was def. washing my face in the shower, but I'm gonna totally do it at the sink now.
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    I was washing my face in the shower, and I will continue to wash my face in the shower bc #aintnobodygottimeforthat.