How To Get Your Fine Or Thick Hair Into An Afro Puff

    So easy, even two girls who suck at hair can do it!

    Hey guys! Essence here, beauty editor at BuzzFeed, and I recently did this live Afro puff tutorial with my girl Tracy, host of BuzzFeed's Another Round podcast.

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    We have different textures and curl patterns, so our steps are a little bit different. The tutorials are divided below so that you can get the deets for whichever one best suits your hair type.

    Tracy's hair is fine and her curls are super-defined spirals. My hair is very thick, and my curls are tighter ringlets.

    STEP 1: Tracy starts by spraying water around the perimeter of her hair, misting the front, sides, and back.

    STEP 2: Then she liberally applies the Eco Styler Gel to her edges and works it through the base of her hair (the part that will be slicked down, leading to the puff).

    STEP 3: Once the gel is worked in, Tracy brushes the base of her hair up towards the crown where she wants her Afro puff positioned.

    STEP 4: For the last step, she takes her elastic band and stretches it across the front of her head, pulling it to the back and crossing both ends.

    Then she pulls both ends, creating kind of a drawstring effect, and her puff magically gets into formation. To secure it, Tracy just wraps the hair band around and ties it.


    STEP 1: I start by lightly spraying my whole Afro. I don't want it soaked, but damp so that my hair is easy to move and stretch.

    STEP 2: To lay my edges, I get about a dime-sized amount of edge control on my pointer finger, and then I dab it all around my hairline—front, sides, and back.

    STEP 3: I brush in the edge control, only brushing the edges. At the same time, I'm slicking my hair back with my other hand, slightly molding it for my Afro puff.

    STEP 4: And lastly, to position my Afro puff higher and more towards the front of my head, I take my satin head tie from the back and cross it in the front.

    Then I pull each end of the tie to form the puff, and I push it up from the back so that the puff sits higher. To secure it, I just wrap the tie around a few more times and tuck it.

    AND HERE'S HOW TO GET MY PUFF! (Forgot to pose for an after pic so here are two screenshots of me talking to Tracy.)