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    The Little Girl In J. Lo's "Get Right" Video Is Marc Anthony's Daughter And She's All Grown Up

    The babies grow up so fast.

    In 2004, J. Lo changed the game and dropped one of the greatest music videos of our generation for "Get Right."

    Watch here and relive the glory days!

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    The choreography was 🔥, and she played like a million different characters.

    Like this chola having man trouble (and the consoling friend)...

    And this DJ who had the club LIT!

    But remember the little girl hiding in the booth who played the DJ's sister?

    Who also KILT her little singing part at the end?

    Well, turns out that was the daughter of Lopez's ex-husband THE Marc Anthony, and she can legally drink now.

    Her name is Arianna, and she does cool stuff like hang out with her super iconic dad, his super iconic friend Lionel Richie, and her gorge stepmom Shannon De Lima.

    Which basically means if you were old enough to really appreciate this video when it first came out, you probably feel hella old now.