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    This Makeup Artist Does 3 Princess Jasmine Looks For Halloween And It's So Gorgeous

    It's levels to this shit.

    BuzzFeed Style and Sonjdra Deluxe—the unbelievably gorgeous makeup artist and beauty vlogger—teamed up to show you how to get three different Princess Jasmine looks for Halloween!

    There's an easy look for beginners, something a little more complicated for the pros (showoffs), and a creepy look for all the trill AF villains.

    Look 1 is this classic Jasmine, keeping it soft and pretty. Seriously, how GORGE!?!

    The classic Princess Jasmine most closely resembles the character, and it's super easy if you're not exactly a master makeup artist.

    Look 2 builds on the first look, really playing up the eyes with a gorgeous teal eye shadow color.

    The glammed Jasmine requires a little bit more knowhow. If you can apply shadow and blend, without losing an eye, you should be good.

    Look 3 is this skeletal Princess Jasmine, perfect for the creepers who keep it gangtsa in these streets.

    You can do the skeletal teeth on top of either the classic or glammed Princess Jasmine.

    And there are all three looks!

    See how Sonjdra got each one here, and subscribe to her YouTube channel for more gorgeous vids. Happy Halloween!

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