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58 Victoria's Secret Models Who Are Actually Just Like Us

We ALL fall victim to bacon.

It's that time of year again, guys, when Victoria's Secret models still manage to look gorge AF in what appears to be DIY piƱatas. And while it's hard to find flawless supermodels relatable, we actually have A LOT in common with the 2017 lineup!

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show / Via

The show airs Tuesday, November 28 at 10:00 P.M. eastern time on CBS.

1. Who knew that Adriana Lima could knock you out just as quick as she could take a selfie?!

2. We're all guilty of pulling an Alessandra Ambrosio and making sure people see our winged eyeliner.

@alessandraambrosio / Via

3. The same way Jasmine Tookes is making sure we appreciate this highlighter.

@jastookes / Via

4. It's always the right time and place for skin care, according to Bella Hadid.

Same, girl. Same.
@bellahadid / Via

Same, girl. Same.

5. Honestly tho, we're just glad Candice Swanepoel values protein and hydration as much as we do.

@angelcandices / Via

6. Dilone is out here making her parents proud in these streets.

@_dilone / Via

7. Karlie Kloss proves you're never too traveled to act like a tourist.

@karliekloss / Via

8. Get you a bae who looks at you the way Irina Sharipova looks at her cat...

@irinasharipova / Via

9. ...Orrrrr the way Hereith Paul looks at her spaghetti.

@heriethpaul / Via

10. This pic of Blanca Padilla is us after we do one squat.

@blaancapadilla / Via

11. And Grace Bol is us whenever we get new highlighter.

@gracebol / Via

12. We make the same face as Leomie Anderson when we have to educate people on shit they should know.

@leomieanderson / Via

13. Tbh, we can't even judge Maria Borges 'cause we too have tried to lick drinks like a baby kitten.

@iammariaborges / Via

14. Speaking of cats, why is Ju Wen's friend the size of a teenage lion?

@jujujuxiaowen / Via

15. Lais Ribeiro refusing to accept the fact that her son isn't a baby anymore is us as parents.

@laisribeiro / Via

16. Elsa Hosk's commitment to using the resources around her to make her very own photoshoot is admirable.

@hoskelsa / Via

17. And so is Devon Windsor's, as she looks like the star of a real life airline ad.

@devwindsor / Via

18. Someone please let Sui He know that we are available to dog sit, and our fee is zero dollars.

@hesui923 / Via

19. Jourdana Phillips making sure she gets a head-to-toe of the 'fit before leaving the function is us when we go literally anywhere.

@jourdanaelizabeth / Via

20. We also drink green juices like Kelly Gale when we're in tropical environments.

@kellybellyboom / Via

21. Just like we sometimes fake-drink coffee like Romee Strijd for a good pic.

@romeestrijd / Via

22. Raise your hand if you've ever made a really cute baby take a pic with you. Oh hey, Shu Pei...

@shupeicute / Via

23. ...and Victoria Lee...

@victorialee / Via

24. ...and Auntie Sara Sampaio.

@sarasampaio / Via

25. If you don't have a pic like this one of Cindy Bruna and her homegirl Riley Montana, who's not in the show but also a supermodel, then you need new friends.

@cindybruna / Via

26. So taking a bunch of sexy selfies every time we're in a fancy hotel is totally normal. See, Alexina Graham does it, too!

@alexinagraham / Via

27. Sooooo, we're currently shopping for bubbles, thx to Ming Xi .

@mingxi11 / Via


28. Congrats to Frida Aasen for finishing her exams and celebrating with legal drugs!

@rida_aasen / Via

29. Lameka Fox is that one friend we all have whose selfies look like professional photos.

@lamekafox / Via

30. While Mayowa Nicholas is the flawless friend who was naturally born with all the features people are paying for.

31. Vanessa Moody doing the absolute most but also nothing at all at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon. Sounds 'bout right.

@vanessa_moody / Via

32. Give it up for Maggie Laine making her man take an usie on behalf of territorial girlfriends all across the globe.

@maggievlaine / Via

33. Nothing to see here, folks. Just Daniela Braga about to go HAM on a plate of bacon.

@bragadany / Via

34. Samille Bermannelli's selfie is actually our mood after we listen to A Seat At The Table.

@samile_b / Via

35. Liu Wen making pottery is the goal-self we know we'll never become.

@liuwenlw / Via

36. We all need a friend like Leila Nda's to take pics like this of us on vacation.

http://@leila.nda / Via

37. Grace Elizabeth pretending she wants to share. Been there, girlfriend.

@lovegrace_e / Via

38. Alecia Morais posing exactly how we'd pose if we were wearing coordinating bling. YOU GON SEE THESE JEWELS!

@alecia_morais / Via

39. Megan Williams chillin' on the beach with quite possibly no other intentions than to take bomb pics, and we approve this use of time.

@meganmayw / Via

40. Georgia Fowler showed up fully accessorized so there was no mistake about what she came to do.

@georgiafowler / Via

41. Zuri Tibby is armored and suited bc as every seafood lover knows, eating crab legs IS an extreme sport!

@angelzuri / Via

42. We really need to talk about the way Bruna Lirio is murdering this pizza tho, guys.

@brunalirio / Via

43. Shhhh. Nadine Leopold is having a very important conversation. Thx!

@nadineleopold / Via

44. Never miss an opportunity to take a bathroom selfie like Aiden Curtis. NEVER!

@aidencurtiss / Via

45. Lily Aldridge is honestly mom goals.

@lilyaldridge / Via

46. Get out your pens for an important lesson on multitasking, brought to you by Stella Maxwell.

@stellamaxwell / Via

47. This is how we take pics when our new skin care regimen starts working. Cc: Martha Hunt.

@marthahunt / Via

48. And how we take pics when a pro makeup artist has just beat our faces. Cc: Julia Belyakova.

@iamjuliabelyakova / Via

49. When you love fashion and getting dolled up, but also dressing down and watching sports like Josephine Skriver.

@josephineskriver / Via

50. Sanne Vloet is us every Saturday night when we say we're gonna be productive but end up watching Netflix and having "me-time."

@sannevloet / Via

51. Food is for more than eating, ya know, as shown by Estelle Chen.

@chen_estelle / Via

52. Kate Grigorieva is us two hours after we we tweeted that we were about to go to bed.

@_kate_g_ / Via

53. Alanna Arrington is a reminder that we may feel like kids at heart, but are very much full-grown adults.

@alannaarrington / Via, @alannaarrington / Via

54. Success is when natural light and a charged phone intersect. Well done, Barbara Fialho.

@barbarafialho1 / Via

55. Is it creepy if we cut out this pic of Amilna Estevao's brows and put it on our vision board?

@officialamilnaestevao / Via

56. Thought you were the only one who took random pics to kiil time when traveling? Meet Roos Marijndekok.

@roosmarijndekok / Via

57. The I-wanna-be-silly-but-still-cute face, also known as the Daria Khlystun-face.

@dashakhlystun1 / Via

58. Ever wish you could life swap with a truck driver named Earl? Taylor Hill shows us how in one simple step.

@taylor_hill / Via


@iammariaborges / Via
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