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    22 Perfect Gifts For Your Petty AF Friend

    Give the gift of petty.

    1. These "petty as fuck" lapel pins to adorn your pettiest friend.

    Get them here for $10.

    2. Or this DW one for your friend whose side-eye game is hella strong.

    Get it here for $10.

    3. This mug for that buddy who's rude before, during, and after coffee.

    Get it here for $13.99.

    4. And this makeup bag for the one who has no regard for other people's time.

    Get it here for $17.93.

    5. Gotta get this clutch for your friend who lives by these words from Lil Kim.

    See more colors and get it here for $50.

    6. This hand-painted and sequined sweatshirt for your one friend committed to doing the most.

    Get it here for $47.50.

    7. These stickers for your girl whose face looks like this...A LOT.

    Get them here for $3.75. These stickers also come in a range of skin tones!

    8. And this pin for the one who subtly wants hosts to know when they drop the ball.

    Get it here for $1.30.

    9. This dainty ring for your friend who's low on time.

    Get it here for $16.99.

    10. Or this mug for your friend who loves to sip and spill tea.

    Get it here for $19.

    11. This tumbler for the homie who takes pride in hurting feelings.

    Get it here for $20.

    12. This T-shirt for your friend with keen self-awareness.

    Get it here for $15.85.

    13. This accessory for your friend who keeps shit real up-front.

    Get it here for $14.

    14. This very practical bag for your friend who needs to store some shit.

    Get it here for $55.

    15. And this baseball cap for your friend who's proud of who they are.

    See all the colors and get it here for $20. Check out the shade cap too!

    16. This sweatshirt for your brilliant (and messy) scholar.

    Get it here for $42. T-shirt also available for $20.

    17. Or this oh-so-pretty tee if you're blessed to have an AKA in your life.

    Get it here for $20. Hoodie also available for $47.

    18. Another pin for your friend who stays ready.

    Get it here for $5.

    19. This fine poster for your friend who appreciates art.

    Check out the black one and get it here for $8.

    20. These earrings for your friend who's constantly over it.

    Get them here for $8.

    21. Also this pin for your friend who wants to make sure enemies know where they stand.

    Get it here for $10.

    22. And this mug for your mom, if you're just as petty as your friend. 😏

    Get it here for $22.