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    21 Gifts For The Person In Your Life Who's Petty AF

    Petty Christmas and Happy New Year!

    1. This decorative pillow for the friend savage enough to have it on display and host people at the same damn time.

    2. This real AF pin for the player who will delete and block these men in a SECOND.

    3. This one-of-a-kind choker for the loved one who ALWAYS has the tea... and spills it with no coercing.

    4. And these all too real stickers for the friend who is always ready to listen.

    5. This colorful mug for that special someone who lives a petty lifestyle.

    6. This dainty ring set for the homie who's direct but still classy.

    7. This T-shirt for the friend who's literally always over it.

    8. This hat for your friend who really wants a certain person to know he did NOT get their vote.

    9. This handy-dandy notebook for the grammar snob in your life.

    10. Or this notebook for the loved one who takes keeping tabs to another level.

    11. This Zamn Zaddy choker for your friend who makes it their MISSION to catcall men every time y'all go out.

    12. This mug for your friend who's not into human interaction like that.

    13. This cutesy tee for your person who's hard to please.

    14. This clutch for your boo who reminds you of one of our greatest petty foremothers.

    15. This warm greeting card for your cousin who thinks not eating this delicacy makes them better than the rest of the fam.

    16. This '90s-inspired keychain for the Martin fan who loves asking petty questions y'all already know the answer to.

    17. This T for the friend who'd wear it around y'all's other friend dating someone that neither of you like.

    18. And this one for that friend who's petty, but also kinda sweet and delicate.

    19. This intricate choker for your friend who's always saying, "Have several seats, pls."

    20. This to-the-point necklace for your friend who has resting bitch face and often says these two words.

    21. This homage to a legend for your friend who's HILARIOUSLY petty!

    Petty Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and whatever else you celebrate to love the people in your life!