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    This Natural Hair Expert Just Put All Her Hair Care Tips In A Book And It's Free

    Free book on how to do my natural hair? Yes, please!

    Curly Nikki — psychotherapist, natural hair blogger, #BlackGirlMagic unicorn, and big sister in every black woman's head — is dropping lots of jewels, guys. AND THEY'RE FREE!!!

    Anyone can download her new e-book, When Good Hair Goes Bad, and it's full of natural hair tips and tricks like the ones below.

    1. Learn how to detangle in just 30 minutes.

    2. Prevent AND restore thinning edges.

    3. Try this color method without using bleach!

    4. Give your fine hair added fullness and volume.

    5. Maintain the shine, even after your hair dries.

    6. Get your your kid to finally love their natural hair.

    Download When Good Hair Goes Bad for even more tips because 1) it's FREE and 2) her hair looks like THIS, so she must know something.

    I mean ... 😍 😩 🙌

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