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    11 Life-Saving Makeup Brands That Make Foundation For Your Skin Tone

    'Cause a Tinder match shouldn't be easier than a foundation match.

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

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    1. Milani Cosmetics

    @ddduyen / @milanicosmetics/ Rose Kimberly / Via /

    Milani has four different foundation formulas, ranging from $8.99 to $9.99. These beauty experts are all wearing the Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation + Concealer formula.

    Left to right: Duyen has on Natural, Lauren Tukuafu is wearing Creamy Vanilla, and Rose Kimberly is wearing Chestnut.

    2. NARS

    @jaydepierce / Nikki Perkins / Kira Khan / Via /

    NARS' six foundation formulas run between $38 and $48. They each have a range of shades, with varying undertones like pink, yellow, and espresso.

    Left to right: Jayde Pierce wears All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Cadiz and Syracuse, Nikki Perkins has on Khartoum, and Kira Khan is wearing the Sheer Glow Foundation in Punjab.

    3. Koh Gen Do

    MonsiieurAlex / Serein Wu / Melissa Alatorre / Via

    Koh Gen Do has two formulas, Maifanshi Aqua Foundation and Maifanshi Moisture Foundation, for $62 each. These makeup gurus are all wearing the Aqua Foundation.

    Left to right: Monsiieur Alex is wearing shade 143, Serein Wu is wearing 123, and Melissa Alatorre is wearing a mix of 123 and 143.

    4. Black Opal

    Alyssa Forever / DestinyLashaeMakeup / Sheriza R / Via

    Black Opal was formulated specifically for people of color. Here are all seven of their foundation products, running from $9.50 to $11.95.

    Left to right: Alyssa Forever and Destiny Lashae Makeup have on True Color Stick Foundation. Alyssa's wearing the shade Heavenly Honey, and Destiny is wearing Hazelnut. Sheriza R. has on the True Color Pore Liquid Foundation in Nutmeg.

    5. MAC

    Alexandrea Garza / ulovemegz / theycallme_mo / Via

    MAC has several different foundation collections, each covering a variety of skin tones from fair to dark. The price points range from $28 to $38.

    Left to right: Alexandrea Garza is wearing MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC37, Ulovemegz is wearing Studio Face and Body Foundation in N7, and Theycallme_mo is wearing Studio Fix Fluid in NW 55.

    6. AJ Crimson Beauty

    sonjdradeluxe / Alissa Ashley / shakirahhsays / Via

    Celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson has his own line of makeup, which offers all these GORGE cream foundation shades. One compact is $35 and the artist kit with six shades, perfect for highlighting and contouring, is $150.

    Left to right: SonjdraDeluxe has on the Dual Skin Creme Foundation in 4, Alissa Ashley is wearing the color 3, and Shakirahhsays is glowing in color 5 — which she got in the AJ Crimson Artist Kit.

    7. EX1 Cosmetics

    @katxmakeup / PatrickStarrr / deepikamakeup / Via /

    EX1 Cosmetics carries Invisiwear Liquid Foundation, $17, and Mineral Powder Foundation, $18. These three went with the liquid formula.

    Left to right: Victoria is wearing F200, PatrickStarrr is wearing F400, Deepika Makeup is rocking F400 and F300.

    8. Illamasqua

    poojaandmisha/ MouldyFruit / Zahrah Aliyah / Via /

    Illamasqua's three collections — the liquid Skin Base, Rich Liquid, and Powder Foundation — range from $40 to $44. Here are three looks using the Skin Base Foundation.

    Left to right: Makeup artist Pooja Khurana used shades 8.5 and 10 for this beauty, MouldyFruit is wearing number 12, and Zahrah Aliyah wears 14.

    9. L'Oréal

    LustreLux / Taylor Anise / itsjudytime / Via

    L'Oréal has lots and lots of foundations, from $10.95 to $16.99.

    Left to right: LustreLux looks flawless in Infallible Pro Matte Foundation in the shade 105, Taylor Anise is wearing 21 in the Infallible Pro Glow Foundation formula, and Itsjudytime is also wearing Pro Glow in the shade 208.

    10. Make Up For Ever

    thataylaa / Toni Olaoye / saaammage / Via

    You can check out all off Make Up For Ever's foundation formulas here, ranging between $26 and $43.

    Left to right: Thataylaa's skin is flawless in the Ultra HD Stick in shade 115, Toni Olaoye is wearing the liquid Ultra HD in Y177, and Saaammage is rocking shade HDY365, also in the liquid Ultra HD.

    11. Maybelline

    ThatGirlShaeXo / Karelle Muco / Rose Kimberly / Via

    Maybelline has a mix of sheer, medium, and full coverage foundations for diverse complexions and skin types. They range from $7.99 to $12.99.

    Left to right: ThatGirlShaeXo is wearing Dream Velvet in the shade 40, Karelle Muco is killing it in Fit Me Matte + Poreless in shade 360, and Rose Kimberly has on both 355 and 330 in Fit Me Matte + Poreless.

    Here's to never struggling to find a foundation match again🍷!