17 Gorgeous Natural Hairstyles That Are Easy To Do On Short Hair

    For everyone who ever felt like a failure after trying a YouTube tutorial.

    1. Faux Curly Bang and Bun

    2. Flat Twists

    3. TWA Puff

    4. Fake It 'Til You Make It 'Fro Puff

    5. Heatless Roller Set

    6. Scary Spice–Inspired Buns

    7. Slicked Down TWA

    8. Wash N Go

    9. Textured Clip-Ins

    10. Halo Crown

    11. Sleek Low Bun

    12. Braided Updo

    13. Finger Coils

    14. Bantu Knots with Braiding Hair

    15. Braided Headband

    16. Goddess Crown with Headband

    17. Twist-Out