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    17 Gorgeous Natural Hairstyles That Are Easy To Do On Short Hair

    For everyone who ever felt like a failure after trying a YouTube tutorial.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Faux Curly Bang and Bun

    Mona B. / Via

    Mona B. is a short-hair style wizard! She made faux bangs and a bun using teal and black Marley hair. Follow every step in this demo.

    2. Flat Twists

    J MAYO / Via

    We're in LOVE with J. Mayo's flat twists on her tapered cut. Stretching your hair before twisting it will make things a lot easier. Catch every step right here.

    3. TWA Puff

    Jaelah O'Neil / Via

    You don't need a massive 'fro to rock a puff. Watch Jaelah O'Neil's quick and easy tutorial here.

    4. Fake It 'Til You Make It 'Fro Puff

    TwinGodesses / Via

    But, if you do wanna wear a super big puff, just attach a curly textured ponytail piece. Here's how TwinGodesses does it on her short hair.

    5. Heatless Roller Set

    J MAYO / Via

    She does it again! J. Mayo uses three different-size rollers to catch all the pieces of her hair for this amazing heatless perm rod set. Watch and learn.

    6. Scary Spice–Inspired Buns

    Mona B. / Via

    These Scary Spice-inspired buns with leave-out in the back are so cute. Check out her tutorial!

    7. Slicked Down TWA

    @niahope / Via

    A slicked-down TWA works on just about every texture! The key is using a LOT of water and product. Watch Nia Hope's tutorial.

    8. Wash N Go

    Classcie / Via

    Keep it classic and simple with a wash 'n' go 'fro! Classcie shares her super-easy regimen to get the look.

    9. Textured Clip-Ins

    Lisa ala mode / Via

    Edge up your tapered cut by adding in some clip-ins for more texture and fullness. See how Lisa ala mode does it in this tutorial.

    10. Halo Crown

    Traeh Nykia / Via

    Halo crowns are such an easy and beautiful go-to. Stretch your hair first so you can work with more length. See how Traeh does hers.

    11. Sleek Low Bun

    Traeh Nykia / Via

    You can still pull your short natural into a low bun. Traeh Nykia's step-by-step process to slicking down her TWA is genius! Check it out here.

    12. Braided Updo

    Mona B. / Via

    Mona B.'s braided updo is great for everyday and fancy shindigs. See how she got the look here.

    13. Finger Coils

    Natural Hair Rebel / Via

    Natural Hair Rebel's finger coils are POP. PIIIIINNNN'! The look is easy, but does require a little time. Watch this how-to and try it out!

    14. Bantu Knots with Braiding Hair

    Monique Lews / Via

    Adding in Marley or braiding hair is so easy. See how Monique does it in this Bantu knot tutorial.

    15. Braided Headband

    4aDaniels / Via

    How cute is this braided headband, tho?! 4aDaniels does each step right here.

    16. Goddess Crown with Headband

    Mini Marley / Via

    If you're good at twisting or braiding, try this style for a more intricate crown. Add in a headband for some extra goddess flair. Mini Marley shows you how here.

    17. Twist-Out

    EverythingEbonee / Via

    Twist-outs are the perfect way to stretch out short natural hair. Check out EverythingEbonee's perfect demo.