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    Gucci's New Handbag Looks A Lot Like This Celebrity Stylist's Design

    "I absolutely feel like I was a part of the inspiration to create that Gucci handbag," the stylist and designer tells BuzzFeed.

    So Gucci revealed its newest collection.

    The luxury brand teamed up with graffiti artist Trevor Andrew, more commonly known as GucciGhost on social media, to do these designs for the collection.

    But shortly after images of this particular bag began circulating the web, fans of an L.A. stylist and designer, Sonique Saturday, began questioning if Gucci had stolen the idea from her signature handbag line, Belladonna.

    Saturday has been painting counterfeit designer bags, with phrases like "Fake Chanel" and "You Fake Like This Birkin," for four years now.

    Amber Rose, Erykah Badu and Christina Milian are a few of the celebs who've been spotted rocking the accessory.

    Although high-end fashion labels partnering with artists isn't new, the whole painted "real" and "fake" thing was too close for Saturday's fans to write it off as a coincidence.

    Beauty vlogger ItsMyRayeRaye posted this pic of Gucci's fall/winter '16 bag with Belladonna designs to point out the strong similarity.

    I hate controversy but this situation really upsets me and I have to say something. My friend @soniquesaturday had her concept taken/used ( I believe ) by @gucci's new collection and I think credit should be given to her! It pisses me off to see a hard working black woman make a name and a brand for herself all on her own and it be taken away just like that. Some may disagree and that is fine but I don't think this is right! Please please tell @gucci to give @soniquesaturday her credit. Thank you! I don't want drama. I just want her to be recognized for what she has created.

    Gossip site The Shade Room and followers of the designer also took to social media to question the fashion house:

    And some even left comments under a pic of the leather shopper on Gucci's official Instagram.

    Saturday, however, thanked Gucci for the exposure, and tweeted that she wasn't upset at the alleged stolen concept.

    She also congratulated Andrew on his collaboration.

    BuzzFeed reached out to Gucci and Trevor Andrew for comment, but we have not heard back from either party.