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Colorful Graphic Eyeliner Is The Way To Take Your Look To New Levels

Because there are only so many ways you can do cat eyes.

Graphic eye art, commonly called graphic eyeliner, is a makeup trend that involves creating shapes, with liners and shadows, on your eyelids.

It is often created using dark colors, but some beauty enthusiasts opt for a more colorful route.

Beauty blogger Phyllis Li lightly sketched the shape she wanted first, and then she retraced it, making the lines thicker for more intensity.

She used Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Khao San Road. Follow Li's steps here.

You can also keep it simple, especially if you're not exactly an artiste.

Luhivy shares what she used to get this bright green awesomeness on her blog!

A neon statement in teal and pink is right on time for summer nights.

Keep in mind that you can draw your shape in black and add the color in more creative ways.

Olive here did her own take on a graphic eye creation by Val Garland for one of Mary Katrantzou's fall collections. Get the details on her blog.

Kristiana Zaula straight SLAYED this blue brow and jet black graphic liner!

Like really, absolutely gorgeous.

Watch her tutorial to see the whole process.

Beauty guru Rae calls this, the "Cut-out Eye."

You can see the beautiful combination of colors she used here.

Watch Aurora paint this vivid picture on her YouTube channel.

Let the world be your mood board.

Note fashion trends, like color blocking, and use them as inspiration for your lids. You can fill in your brows with a bold color to really amp it up.

Keeping your lips neutral really plays up the eyes.

You could also just not care and GO. IN!

Anca used really bright pink and green for her springtime look.

Mix shimmer shadows and liners with mattes to make the lines more defined and visible.

Scarlet Leigh's sparkly teal really makes things pop!

Once you get over the fact that Paola literally looks like a fierce AF superhero...

Get into her insane eye game. Keep a cotton swab and makeup remover close by to clean up the lines.

Don't sweat it if you don't have a steady hand. A ragged line can give a high fashion editorial edge.

Peep the jewel-toned accents.

Here's just a pinch of color...

And it's everything.

There are no rules with graphic eye art. Just let your creative juices flow and get as extreme or as subtle as you want!