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    17 Not-So-Smart Things You Should Stop Telling Women Who Wear Weaves

    "If you really loved yourself, you'd wear your real hair."

    1. "Wigs and weaves are tacky."

    @anthonycuts / Via

    😍 Tacky where, tho?

    2. "They cheapen your look."

    @filthyrichtresses / Via

    The face you make when you know you look like money 💰

    3. "And they always look so fake."

    @heatfreehair / Via

    4. "Ugh, full sew-ins are just so 'wiggy'."

    @hairbybobby / Via

    5. "They're such a turnoff."

    @therealremyma / Via

    6. "If you were REALLY comfortable with yourself, you'd always wear your real hair."

    @ree_markable / Via

    But why if I have so many options?

    7. "You're clearly just insecure about your natural texture."

    @clatodd / Via

    Yep, which is exactly why kinky wefts are so popular. *rolls eyes*

    8. "Most people who wear them are bald underneath."

    @teqnical_styles / Via

    9. "They're just so superficial and vain."

    @the_rose_affect / Via

    Actually, weaves and wigs help a lot of people transition after severe hair loss.

    10. "It's hard to pull your hair into a ponytail."

    @anthonycuts / Via

    Evolution, dahlings. Get with the times.

    11. "Black women wear weaves because they have an unhealthy obsession with long hair."

    @ms_ashleybanks / Via

    But some weaves are short, sooooo....

    12. "No other group of women wears them."

    @titine_18 / Via

    But even if this were true, who cares?

    13. "Really long weaves are sooo unprofessional."

    @karencivil / Via

    Tell that to this businesswoman chillin' with a presidential candidate.

    14. "You're too old for weaves."

    @glamby_ericadonaldson / Via

    15. "All of them look the same."

    @curlsistas / @teqnical_styles / @re_thestylist / Via / /

    16. "Nothing about them is classy."

    @anthonycuts / Via

    17. "They pull out your edges and damage your hair."

    @angelasimmons / Via /

    You do realize some people's hair is fuller than their weaves, right?

    Clearly these are all LIES, LIES, LIES, so block the haters and shine on, Queens!