17 Not-So-Smart Things You Should Stop Telling Women Who Wear Weaves

    "If you really loved yourself, you'd wear your real hair."

    1. "Wigs and weaves are tacky."

    2. "They cheapen your look."

    3. "And they always look so fake."

    4. "Ugh, full sew-ins are just so 'wiggy'."

    5. "They're such a turnoff."

    6. "If you were REALLY comfortable with yourself, you'd always wear your real hair."

    7. "You're clearly just insecure about your natural texture."

    8. "Most people who wear them are bald underneath."

    9. "They're just so superficial and vain."

    10. "It's hard to pull your hair into a ponytail."

    11. "Black women wear weaves because they have an unhealthy obsession with long hair."

    12. "No other group of women wears them."

    13. "Really long weaves are sooo unprofessional."

    14. "You're too old for weaves."

    15. "All of them look the same."

    16. "Nothing about them is classy."

    17. "They pull out your edges and damage your hair."

    Clearly these are all LIES, LIES, LIES, so block the haters and shine on, Queens!