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17 Easy Ways To Do Your Makeup If You Don't Know WTF You're Doing

Cause sometimes makeup is so haaaaard.

1. Get this holiday look with your favorite shimmery shadows and a red lipstick.

2. Stay warm this winter with Black Moon's Deranged and Libra lip colors.

3. Night on the town, you say? Do this simple smoky eye and turn it up with false lashes!

Oh hey, ex boo who's gonna regret life after I make my entrance at this shindig tonight.

Get the look here.

4. A good foundation with full coverage is key to this flawlessness.

5. No contouring, no strobing. Foundation, liner, mascara, and lipstick are all you need for this winged eye and pink lip!

6. Finish off your look with a colorful gel liner to spice things up.

7. Try a winged eye, and then make everything bolder with a classic red lip.

8. Blue and gold shadow, and some basic blending skills, will have you smokin' for the GAWDS!

9. Glow on with some gold and bronze on the lids.

10. No eyeshadow required! A winged eye and bomb lip go a long way.

11. Blend olive and chocolate shadow on the eyes, dab a light pink on your lips, and VOILÀ!

12. A light, neutral eyeshadow and some pink blush are your saviors if you're always the "I'm running late" girl.

13. And if you're super late, ditch the foundation. Just use a concealer, and keep the eyes and lips soft.

14. Pack on your fave shimmer shadows with your fingers and soften things with a neutral lip for a quick travel look.

15. Bronzer to the cheeks, sparkle on the eyes, classic red on the lips...and BAM, BAM, THANK YOU, MA'AM! *twirls and flips hair*

16. A purple liner, pink gloss, and concealer are all you need for this gorgeous ombré lip.

17. Show your festive side with gold and emerald shadows.

Now go forth and be pretty!