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People Are Doing Their Makeup Like Bratz Dolls' And It's Actually Art

Influencers are doing their makeup like Bratz dolls for the Instagram #BratzChallenge, and you gotta see this!

So @martincantos is an exceptionally talented makeup artist who gives Bratz dolls the beat of their little plastic lives. Beauty lovers inspired by his toy transformations are now recreating the looks on their actual faces for the new #bratzchallenge, and we're literally shook by all the talent!

1. So we want to try this look in real life bc YAAAAAAAAS!

2. Solange A Seat at The Table album cover vibes meets anime meets Bratz vibes and we're here for all of it!

3. The next time someone tries to say that makeup isn't art just show them this masterpiece thank you very much. #swipe.

4. *sigh* Hold our bags while we faint and gasp pls. Absolutely, positively stunning.

5. The 70s is one or the best eras ever and this interpretation is proof!

6. Umkay, so there needs to be a Life Size 3 and we found the star.

7. And all this time we thought "Your eyes are like the sunrise" was just an expression.

8. Which one is a human and which one is a doll?! #shook #swipe

9. Everything down to the blue hair and this, my friends, is what we call commitment.

10. But do you see how precise this eyeliner is? DO YOU SEEEEEE???

11. But like ... how? Meanwhile we're just trying not to poke ourselves with mascara. Real art, fine people.

12. So maybe after a cocktail and gas-up session from our girls we may just get the nerve to rock this look irl bc it is ca-uuuute!

13. We love a subtle interpretation. Like, seriously loooooove.

14. If she's not cast as the next ice queen villain we're gonna need to speak to your manager.

15. Okay, then! We see you serving face.

16. Can someone let this queen know we appreciate the time and energy spent on every last heart?

17. We'd rather be extra than not enough and this is LIFE!

18. Real talk though, start a winged eyeliner class so we can enroll.

19. Brows, eyes and lips (specifically lip liner) are perfection. Period, point, blank.

20. This is so over the top and so calming at the same time. #swipe

21. So is it weird if we DM a stranger and ask them to do our makeup every day for the rest of our lives?

22. The way her precision has to be set up to master these details tho... Girl, you're a star!

We're suddenly inspired to bathe in makeup!