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44 Amazing Black And Latinx-Owned Brands You Won't Be Able To Stop Shopping

Keep it in la familia.

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Our beauty team Essence, Dani, and Patrice put together this list of black and Latinx-owned brands, and separated them by category: Beauty & Grooming, Style, and Lifestyle. Get your shop on, and stay woke!


1. Andre Walker Hair

Veteran beauty pro Andre Walker styled Oprah's hair for 30 years before launching a luxe haircare system for dry, curly, kinky, textured and relaxed hair. Each product is custom-formulated to nourish, fortify, and perfectly style your precious tresses.

Price range: $9.99–$19.99. Shop here.

2. Bevel

This review via Buzzfeed Beauty Editor @TheEssenceOf_ proves Ladies use and love Bevel too!

Bevel was intended for male grooming, but after all the rave razor reviews, our beauty editor Essence tried it on her bikini line and now she only waxes during bikini season! They also make this fancy trimmer.

Price range: $9.95–$199.95. Shop here.

4. Danessa Myricks

The pigment speaks for itself! Danessa Myricks' makeup is for the pro artist whose skills are on a whole other level. These ain't your drugstore palettes, honey.

Price range: $6.99–$28. Shop here.

5. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Instagram: @fentybeauty

Fenty had the nerve to release 40 foundation shades for different skin tones and undertones AND a red lip that looks good on everybody. Just know BuzzFeed's beauty squad's makeup bags are Fenty'd TF out!

Price range: $10–$54. Shop here.


7. Karen's Body Beautiful

@karensbeautiful / Via

These simple, yet effective hair and body products are all-natural, contain nourishing ingredients, and come in the most decadent scents like Chamomile Sage and Creamy Coco Mango.

Price range: $10–$16. Shop here.

9. Loquita Bath and Body,

Loquita Bath and Body makes vegan and cruelty-free bathbombs that are Instagrammable AF.

Price range: $5–$25. Shop here.

10. Luv Scrub

Instagram: @luvscrub

Luv Scrub is LIFE-CHANGING! If a wash cloth and body scrub had a baby, this would be it. One use and your skin is immediately softer.

Price: $18. Shop here.


11. Marjani Beauty

Loving this list, but wishing there were an online store full of black-owned beauty brands? Well, that's what Marjani beauty comes in, offering top brands like AJ Crimson, Gold Label, Girl + Hair, and even an exclusive curated holiday beauty box.

Price range: $8–$42. Shop here.

12. Mented Cosmetics

Nude makeup should resemble your actual skin color, not someone else's, right? That's why Harvard b-school grads KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson created Mented Cosmetics, a one-stop shop for vibrant lipsticks, luscious lip glosses, and shiny nail polish.

Price range: $12.37–$45.00. Shop here.

13. Nevermind Cosmetics

Instagram: @nevermindcosmetics

Miami natives and cousins, Vanessa Enriquez and Marivette Navarrete, wanted to create makeup that empowered their customers whenever they wore it. Their lipsticks are inspired by the '90s, and they come in velvet matte and shimmery shades.

Price range: $3–$20. Shop here.

14. Nyakio

Nyakio Kamoche Grieco, a first generation American, put all her beauty secrets from Kenya and other parts of the globe into her skin care line. The line includes cleansers, moisturizers, oils, exfoliants, and masks, and you can it at Ulta.

Price range: $22–$49. Shop here.

15. Pai Pai,

Pai Pai is a Mexican lipstick brand that celebrates its love for Mexico. Art and beauty come together in each Pai Pai lipstick, as their packaging is designed by a different Mexican artists. They have liquid lipsticks, semi matte, matte, and lip kits.

Price range: $13.55–$77.22. Shop here.


16. Reina Rebelde,

Our beauty & style writer Dani keeps professing her love for Reina Rebelde because she thinks everyone should know about this wonderful makeup brand that celebrates Latinx culture. Not only that, but their makeup is A M A Z I N G. She's personally a fan of their red lipstick, gold gloss, and brow pomade.

Price range: $10–$37. Shop here.

17. RizosCurls,

RizosCurls is a hair line created by Julissa Prado, who always struggled to find the right product for her curls when she was growing up. The line includes shampoo, conditioner, and curl cream for all curl patterns.

Price range: $12.99–$45. Shop here.

18. Scotch Porter

One of BuzzFeed's product expert Treye Green SWEARS by Scotch Porter, and we've never seen his beard have a bad day. The brand features products for beard, skin, and hair, and they even carry masculine wipes.

Price range: $5.99–$99.99. Shop here.

19. Unsun Cosmetics

Contrary to popular belief, black and brown folks should be protecting their beautiful melanated skin from sun damage. Founded by Katonya Breaux (aka Frank Ocean's mom), Unsun Cosmetics carries clinically-tested, allergy-tested tinted sunscreens and lip tints made specifically for us.

Price range: $12–$29. Shop here.

20. Wvrthy

Chelsea Worthy's "traptorials" (makeup tutorials to trap music) took social media by storm. She also makes her own highlighters and they are EVERYTHING! In this vid, she's wearing the shade Midas, and her skin is literally glowing.

Price: $15. Shop here.


23. Beads Byaree

You'll never have to worry about somebody else wearing the same shit as you with Beads byAree. The brand carries apparel, but it's their unique, hand-crafted jewelry that sets them apart.

Price range: about $17–$200. Shop here.

24. Clandestina, Jlabradordeu /

Clandestina is the first Cuban brand to sell online to the rest of the world. It's also Cuba's first clothing brand, and a unique collective of designers, artists, and creators. Every product they sell is designed by a team of artists based in Old Havana.

Price range: $28–$40. Shop here.

26. D. Piper Twins

If you're big on detail and fit, D. Piper Twins is about to be your go-to for online shopping. Essence said that everything she's ever gotten from them fits to perfection, and the prints are out of this world!

Price range: $25–$290. Shop here.

27. Grass Fields

Prints on prints on prints. It's a proven fact that you will immediately feel yourself as SOON as you step into a Grass Fields jumpsuit or maxi.

Price range: $30–$176. Shop here. You can change the currency from GPB to USD at the top of the page.

28. Green Box Shop,

Green Box was created after its founder, Kayla Robinsion, couldn't find any social justice tees so she decided to make them herself. Their mission is to spread awareness one stylish tee at a time.

Price range: $10.99–$18.99. Shop here.

30. HGC Apparel

Tin Jun Gu

You see this face?! That's how happy this Black By Popular Demand sweatshirt makes our beauty writer Patrice! And this is only ONE of the many dope, unapologetically black pieces made by HGC Apparel.

Price range: $2.99–$74.99. Shop here.

31. Made by Malyia

This is one of our absolute favorite jewelry brands as of late because you can go super minimalist, or layer it all on but still not look like you're doing too much. Essence has had her pieces for almost two years now, and they're still good as new.

Price range: $20–$295. Shop here.

33. Sammy B.

Instagram: @samanthablacknyc

The former Project Runway contestant Samantha Black has been grinding out her own label, Sammy B, for years now. And yes, that is Beyoncé rocking the Sammy B Flatbush Wrap Jacket and Tony Pop Trouser Pant.

Price range: $25–$150. Shop here.


Instagram: @tlzbytlazsa

TLK L'FEMME has all the shit you didn't even know you wanted or needed, until you saw somebody wearing it on the 'Gram.

Price range: $50–$325. Shop here.

36. Tnemnroda Eyewear

Patrice Peck

Extravagance. Excellence. Extra. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when Patrice thinks about Tnemnroda Eyewear. They've seriously got a style for EVERYONE!

Price range: $30–$250. Shop here.

37. Alma Aromatherapy,

The Miami-based brand uses the healing properties of plants for spiritual and medicinal purposes. All their products are organic and chemical-free. Their roll-on oils are Dani's personal favorites ("God knows I rub their lavender oil all over when I'm stressed"), and their clay mask makes her skin feel nice and bright.

Price range: $5–$22. Shop here.

38. Ameerah Lynn

Ameerah Lynn is a small online shop with the cutest trinkets: jewelry, bamboo spoons, and these cute little catch-alls to store your paper clips... or the thousands of bobby pins that we'd otherwise lose.

Price range: $8–$110. Shop here.

39. Breakups to Makeup,

The accessories and apparel company founded by Angelique Velez is perfect for anyone who loves and appreciates makeup. Their makeup bags are cute, relatable, and the perfect place to store our most precious possessions: makeup. I mean...even Cher approves.

Price range: $5–$42, shop here.

40. By Ms James

Hallmark is cool and all, but it's hard finding a card that perfectly sums up what we're REALLY tryna say. Enter By Ms James, the card company that just gets us. Holiday, birthday, sympathy; they got something for everything.

Price range: $5–$25. Shop here.

41. Frida Pop Up

Frida Pop Up is a collection of art made by women inspired by Frida Kahlo. With every poster, each artist describes how the Mexican artist affected their craft. This curated collection of Fridas will only be around until Christmas this year, so hurry up and get yours!

Price range: $20– $80. Shop here.

42. Peralta Project,

The Peralta Project was started by M.Tony Peralta, a former graphic designer who always manages to put a cool touch on Latino culture. You can find anything from pins to baby onesies on his website.

Price range: $13–$65. Shop here.

44. Zahira Kelly

Zahira Kelly is a Dominican indie artist and writer who created this line to celebrate and support marginalized women and femme-identifying people of color.

Price range: $5.99–$79.95. Shop here.