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    Here's Where You Can Get The Clothes Beyonce Wore In South Africa

    Beyoncé shares what she wore in South Africa and we're going shopping, BRB.

    Queen of putting on rising designers to the masses, Beyoncé wore mostly African designers during her stay in Johannesburg for Global Citizen Festival. The star wrote, "Thank you to the talented African designers who kept me feeling fresh. Y’all go so hard," in an Instagram caption.

    After lurking stylists Zerina Akers and Peju Famojure's Instagram feeds, we were able to find a lot of the designers Queen Bey wore and UMMAGAWWWWSH WE AIN'T GOT NO EDGES! Check them out below:

    1. MMUSOMAXWELL and Adama Paris

    2. Tongoro

    3. Edun

    4. Tongoro and Jlani

    5. Peulh Vagabond

    6. Afrikanista and Jlani

    7. Yhebe

    8. Rich Mnisi