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    Ava DuVernay Just Slayed An Elle Magazine Cover And It's Breathtaking


    Ava DuVernay: Writer, Director, Queen, and Heavenly Being among us earthly mortals.

    Her resume includes works like the Venus Williams documentary Venus Vs, the Sundance-winning Middle of Nowhere, and the 2014 Oscar-winning Selma.

    DuVernay's super magic has no bounds, which is why she just mercilessly snatched the cover of Elle's "The Women In Hollywood Issue."

    These locs... this getup... this I'm-just-doing-me-and-still-shaking-up-the-game head tilt... We seriously weren't even ready!

    The writer and director is one of eight trailblazing women to score her own cover for the special issue.

    Other Hollywood powerhouses include Salma Hayek...

    Amy Schumer...

    And Kate Winslet!

    Job well done, bosses!

    Now, can we be in your #squad?